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Trinity UK‘s Teacher Training Courses are designed to help EFL teachers from around the world to get the latest and most effective teaching methodologies: very needed in a dynamic and always changing school environment. Study with our qualified teacher trainers enjoying the quality of our teaching online that meets the high standards set by all the Accreditation Boards Trinity UK belongs to. Teacher Training Courses are tailor-made and individual. Enquire today, click here.

This training course dedicated to teachers of foreign nationality, combines the latest best practices of general pedagogy with the use of some online teaching tools. Participants will be provided with an update relating to the areas of lesson planning, class management and content knowledge, and the presentation of some innovations that affect the practice and that can be integrated into the current context.

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All our classes are interactive and live. NO recorded lessons at all!

With our online courses we promise to always deliver

Quality – All our teachers are TEFL certified and have years of experience in teaching English online. They only use innovative and interactive methodologies allowing students to properly improve their skills in all areas (writing, reading, speaking, listening).

Safety – Our Virtual Environment is safe thanks to our e-safety procedures, netiquette and code of conduct that we apply to each of our online classes and courses. All our teachers get their criminal records regularly checked and their suitability to work with underage students is tested to enhance safety for all our students, especially for minors. We invite you to read our e-Safety Manual at this link.

Flexibility – We offer you flexible solutions for all your learning needs, making sure our lesson-plans can adapt to your busy daily schedule.

Tailored Contents – All our courses are tailored on our individual students our groups to make sure that all learning targets are easily and timely reached.



How it works – Step By Step

  • Get in touch with us to get your personalised quote.
  • Apply to enrol filling in the enrolment form you will receive (either from us or form your trusted Language Agency)
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to our Assessment Session
  • Your needs and skills will be assessed during a face-to-face virtual video-call with one of our expert trainers
  • A calendar for your lessons (day, dates, hours, duration, etc.) will be agreed between you and us;
  • Once the calendar is agreed you will receive a confirmed agenda
  • You will also receive a confirmation of enrolment with our Code of Conduct and Netiquette to be respected
  • You will receive an email with a unique link and password for your first lesson no later than 24hours before your first class (please note that for each lesson you will receive a new link and a new password, this is for your own safety online)
  • You are all set to start: enjoy your classes.
  • At the end of your online course with Trinity UK you will receive an end of course certification stating your actual level of English and what kind of course you had with us.

Prices 2021

Terms&Conditions Apply

Please note that we require 6 participants for each class of Teacher Training Course. These six participants can either be part of an already formed group or be individual students that will then be part of a group that Trinity UK will form. Please note that for an extra flexibility and adaptability of this course we will communicate a starting date that will be agreed with participants.

If you wish to receive a sample of your study plan, please email us.