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trinity and associations logosTrinity UK offers a variety of options to study on-line and get the best of our English UK, Beta and British Council certified quality and safety, both for junior and adult students. All our lessons are delivered by certified and qualified teachers that will help you achieve your target in a timely, friendly and professional way: an online assessment link will be sent to you and from there a tailor-made syllabus will be created to suit your learning needs. 1 lesson = 60 minutes.

Trinity UK has invested and still invests a lot of efforts and time to make sure to deliver quality teaching in a pleasant and very safe virtual environment: this is why all our staff and students are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct and respect the rules of our Netiquette we have published on our website and of which they receive copies via email. Safety and quality are always guaranteed.

All our classes are interactive and live. NO recorded lessons at all!


Trinity UK online courses

Your Interactive English Learning just a click away!

OnLine Classes with Trinity UK. Discover all the advantages of studying from home in a safe virtual environment.

Courses available for all ages and levels!

Identify your goal: learn grammar rules once and for all, keep up with your school schedule, prepare for English certifications, study and use English for work.

Get the right teacher: our native or bi-lingual speakers, are qualified professionals, experts in online teaching and will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself from the comfort of your room!

Pick up a time: Trinity UK online courses are perfectly adaptable to your busy schedule. So you can decide to have your classes whenever it suits you, and according to our teachers’ availability. We offer you the  right flexibility to build your study plan according to your needs.

Tailor-made for you: our teachers will assess your level before you start with a specific online test that will help them get a better picture of your knowledge. During your first class they will go through  a needs-analysis to understand and identify your learning-targets to create a tailor-made lesson-plan that fits your needs.


Young Learners Online

Find out more about our online courses for Young Learners aged 11-17 and all available options.


adult students online

Find out more about our courses for Adult Students aged 18+ and all the available options.

teacher training online

Find out more about our Teacher Training Courses online.

Important Documents we suggest you read if you are thinking to enrol to one of our online courses.

Trinity UK takes safety very seriously for young learners (under the age of 18) and for adult students too. If you want to have further information, you can visit the below links: