Trinity Exchange Lab

Trinity UK offers a unique non-formal education programme


which provides an international cultural exchange
using active English, and cooperative learning.

Dates available throughout the year.

What is T.E.L.®

T.E.L. stands for Trinity Exchange Lab and this unique project aims to offer to each student an international exposure, to meet&learn, share cultures with representatives of different nationalities, from all over the world, and through the use and teaching of English Language, we encourage our students to share each one’s diversity and cooperate one another to cultural, political, economical, news and linguistic projects. A unique way to meet different cultures, make new friends and learn how beautiful this world is in all its different colours… comfortably and safely from home.

The T.E.L. method

Interactive and comprehensive, stimulating and innovative. T.E.L. teaching involves communication and creative skills using a mix of business English, debate, group discussions, current affairs, media and news research. Each student will be challenged to set goals, develop entrepreneurship, digital skills both as individual and as part of an international team. It is based on European Union Guidelines for “World Citizenship Interculturality”&”Cooperative Learning”, agreed on 22nd May 2018.

Quality On-Line Teaching

Our director of studies are constantly revising and updating our syllabus in line with new teaching methods while fully respecting the guidelines set by the Accreditation Boards we belong to. T.E.L. is easily adaptable to groups of students from different cultures making their learning experience fun and intense.

Who is T.E.L. for

This new and enganging way of teaching  & learning is ideal for those students aged between 13 and 18 who are eager to discover the new aspects of the world and global cultures that are sometimes hard to discover with a simple trip. T.E.L. combines innovative English Language Teaching with intercultural exchange. Trinity UK strongly believes in a world with no barriers and racism – which is too often result of ignorance and lack of knowledge – this is why T.E.L. is the perfect Lab to shape and create future generations.

Let’s Share & Cooperate!

The main aim of TRINITY EXCHANGE LAB is to bring the world under one roof. How great it is to get to learn and understand those cultural differences that make each one of us unique and worthy of respect. In each lesson our students get the chance to virtually travel to more than one different country, share who they are, discover and learn new things in a friendly, safe and international virtual environment monitored by our trained and professional staff.

Be a part of a global community

Explore and enhance your knowledge & culture

A platform to practice English and Travel to new Places safely from you room

An Exclusive Programme

The main aim of TRINITY EXCHANGE LAB is to bring the world under one roof. What a fantastic opportunity it will be to meet representatives from all over the world and share their experiences of life, cultures and points of view. Students will work on interactive and cooperative learning guides to become part of an international group and work together to achieve team prizes.

This original concept means that everyday the students get an opportunity to virtually travel to a a new country with our representatives of different nationalities.

FTTS (Full Time Tutoring System)

Students will be able to learn new and useful skills while enjoying the comfort of their rooms! Participants will work in teams and this will help them to learn important competences for the world we live in today. During country presentations and workshops students will have the opportunity to earn team points, which will contribute to the overall success of the team, helping to encourage teamwork and positive behaviours.

T.E.L. step-by-step

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What’s happening?


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