Our UK Destinations

Our UK Destinations


Trinity Saint David, Wales

Lampeter is now officially recognised as the birthplace of rugby in Wales. The first rugby game in Wales was played between teams of scholars in the early 1850’s inside the campus.

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Lampeter, Wales

10 -17 years

Programme dates
From 4th July 2022 to 1st August 2022 (Arrival Day: Mondays) 

Single rooms with private bathrooms

Learning Time
20 x 45 minute lessons per week = 15 hours

First aid trained staff on-site & on-call doctor 24/7

WiFi available
24/7 Free of charge

What’s happening?


A week into our Kids Camps in Italy, and there seems to be fun and a good bit of learning going on....thanks to hard working staff...


The flag is flying over Sestriere, Italian Alps, on our first day of the summer journey. Hoping for a successful summer with happy kids going him safely, smiling from ear to ear. Thanks to Rosario and Magda