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Study & Support

During our English language programmes we want to boost students’ confidence when speaking English and give them lots of opportunities to interact in English with their classmates and other Trinity UK students, but above all we want them to have serious fun!

We like to offer our students and participants an awesome language course and provide many cultural experiences, while on schoolus with us. Our lessons are also linked to the trips that take place during the time students are here with us. Area Projects, Master Classes and Sports are supervised by our trained staff.

Focusing on improvement of communication skills for all our students is of central importance to us. Classes will be interactive and stimulating, students will be the most important and active protagonists of each class, where they will learn by doing.

What we aim to work on

  • presentation skills
  • vocabulary and pronunciation
  • grammar improvement
  • real use of English in modern days
  • effective communication skills

We can make sure all levels will be accepted and class-groups will be formed based on students’ levels and age-range to ensure a smooth and interactive learning experience.

Levels of Knowledge of a Language can be identified following the European Union’s Guidelines published in the C.E.F.R., recognised worldwide and for which you can find more information at this link
Trinity UK strongly believes in quality teaching focused on promoting cultural integration and better communication skills. Our director of studies is constantly revising and updating our syllabus in line with new teaching methods while fully respecting the guidelines set by the Accreditation Boards we belong to.

Working on presentations and English Language in Use allows students to develop speaking and communication skills in areas such as negotiating, planning, clarifying, and discussing. It will also provide opportunities to explore ideas from a variety of points of view and backgrounds. The way our course is designed right now allows us to focus on the English language, fundamental knowledge (content/subject area), meta knowledge (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration), and humanistic knowledge (cultural competence, emotional awareness and life skills), all of which are part of 21st century learning. The aim is for our students to actively participate in their learning by creating conditions where they can contribute in accordance with their personalities, cultures and learning preferences.

We employ qualified EFL tutors some of them hold another acceptable qualification such as Primary QTS for teachers. All certifications accepted by the Quality Accreditation Boards we are part of.

What advice can we give to the student?

We are here to help you improve your communication skills in English, and this what students can do to really improve their communication skills in English.

  • ask questions if they’re not sure of something;
  • tell their teacher what they would like to focus on;
  • talk to other students and try to study together;
  • use the time during the summer school to speak English as much as they can;
  • speak to people from different countries, observe, make notes;
  • write a diary of their stay with Trinity UK and share it with others when they go back home;
  • buy a good book in English when they’re in the city centre and start reading it while with us;


What’s happening?


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