Student Welfare

Student Welfare

The safety and well-being of all our students, staff and Group Leaders is paramount for us. We are passionate about creating a friendly and safe atmosphere so parents do not have to worry about their precious child.

Not only do we provide staff who are responsible for welfare 24/7, but we also have a dedicated 24 hour emergency number for agents, group leaders, parents and students. All students are issued with a resident student handbook and are given a full induction lesson highlighting student welfare, schoolus safety and British/American laws.

You can find important additional pieces of information below.

On arrival

All students are met by a member of staff – who will be wearing a bright green branded t-shirts and carrying a clearly displayed clipboard. They will ensure everything goes smoothly at the airport and during the transfer to their centre. At this point students are given an ID card with 24 hour emergency contacts information – this is done for their own safety and to be sure that all our students can be easily identified at all times.

Medical & insurance

For 2021, given the situation created by Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to include a multi-risk and medical insurance for all our participants. The insurance cannot be taken out from the package and will also cover issues related to pandemic diseases.*

In Britain, free medical treatment is available through the National Health Service to all EU students and students from countries with reciprocal health agreements. Students who are not covered by the National Health Service are advised to take out medical insurance before leaving their home countries. We strongly advise students to take out individual personal insurance to cover personal belongings, flight delays etc.

*Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Individual students

We accept individual students and pay particular attention to their welfare during their stay. Individual students are assigned to the care of a Welfare Manager or Individuals Coordinator who will be responsible for their care.

Risk assessment

Our activity and excursion programme is carefully planned out ensuring students’ safety. All activities and excursions are fully risk assessed.

Supervision policy

We define juniors as anyone under the age of 18* who is part of a residential centre. The Department for Education and Science advises the following supervision ratio of adults to students for ages 8 to 10 as 1:10-15 and for 11+ as 1:15-20.

Group Leaders are included in the above ratios as responsible adults. We adhere to these ratios when supervising students on leisure activities.

*From time to time, and according to the centre and Quality Boards Regulations, we might accept 18 year-old students, that in any case will be treated as minors during their stay with us.


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