Summer Schools: a safe environment for young learners

Summer Schools: a safe environment for young learners
26/10/2020 TrinityUK
Travelling during Covid-19 for Summer Camps 2021

The whole world is facing a second wave of Covid-19 that is making our lives even more complicated than what they used to be before, forcing us all to change again our habits and get used to a sort of different world.

It is almost like since January 2020 we could set a new historical time-mark: Before-Covid and After-Covid. We have been putting our lives on hold,  keeping our breath, scared to use that oxygen, waiting to see what happens next.

This is a mistake that all experts in psychology suggest us to avoid: we do have to take each single step thinking about every possibile consequences, but we have to avoid to put our lives on hold and live scared, as this will only result in an endless loop of fears, that will also get reflected on our mental and physical healths.

Travelling with Covid-19 is hard, this is true and undeniable, but not impossible. All airports, train stations, flight carriers, train companies and  ferries have introduced and applied very strict hygienic and sanitation rules that make travels safe. Some countries might have put limitations and ask for quarantine but with the approach of next European summer 2021, things will surely improve. This is a common feeling.

People are tired and exhausted of having to stay home and cannot wait to travel again. But the question we get asked very often from our partners is “how safe it is to travel to summer schools next year?”. Not an easy question to answer, for sure, but we think it is good to know what follows.

All of the Summer Schools Providers have surely taken serious and important safety measures to protect their students and employees during the Summer schools season 2021.

At Trinity UK, for example, we have walked the extra mile to make sure every single participant to our summers schools is duly taken care of in case restrictions and social distancing will still be part of the requirements for summer 2021.

  • Wider Spaces/Smaller Groups – we have agreed with our Universities Partners to use multiple wide spaces at the same time in order to be able to divide our students into smaller groups and respect social distancing;
  • Testing of the staff – if by Summer 2021, Coronavirus will still be among us, all our employees shall be asked for a weekly Covid-Test to make sure all our students are safe;
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation of all our spaces;
  • Use of Single-en-suite rooms – we truly care about our students, their group leaders and our employees and this is why every single participant will get their own private spaces. In the US we will use shared rooms. This means that those rooms that are generally used for 4 students will become double rooms. In case of infections, this will also help us to quickly and better isolate those cases, assist them with specialists, and avoid a full lockdown of our school;
  • Invisi-mask with FFP2 filters

    A free Invisi-mask for all participants – we ask all our students, teachers, group leaders, activity leaders and every single person involved in our summer schools to always wear a proper mask during our activities where groups of people have to share the same spaces. We understand and appreciate that having to always wear a mask can be hard, but this is for the safety of all. Shall masks still be compulsory by Summer 2021, we will distribute a free invisible mask to all our participants with changeable filters, just like the one in the picture on the right side;

  • Body-temperature scanning multiple times a day;
  • Full Coverage Insurance – all our packages include a multi-risk, travel and medical insurance that also covers all issues related to Covid-19. This means that if any of our students or group leaders, unluckily gets infected by Covid-19, our insurance will take care of them until full recovery (if this happens while on schoolus with us), or will simply reimburse the total paid amount to the participant, protecting the agency from reimbursing/losing any amount of money (if this happens before travelling). If you want to receive additional pieces of information re our insurance you can send an email here.

We all hope our dear scientists can quickly find a vaccination that will help the whole world come back to normality, but until then, we will do our best to make sure the safety of all our participants comes first.

With Trinity UK You Study, We Care!


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