More Virtual Safety and Quality for Trinity UK English Online Courses

More Virtual Safety and Quality for Trinity UK English Online Courses
10/12/2020 TrinityUK

Trinity UK continues to invest in quality and safety in a historical time of our lives where innovation is so much needed.

Trinity UK online coursesInnovation, safety and quality are the three main areas Trinity UK has been working on since the spread of this pandemic which has forced us all in our houses and have asked us to give up on our beloved trips around the world.

This new normality sees us using the virtual environment as much as possible for almost all our needs, and EFL teaching has readapted for this new “channel”. But what happens to safety when you move everything online?

Trinity UK has seriously taken this issue into consideration and has strongly improved the quality and safety levels that are offered to our students and teachers on our virtual environment.

Like for our Summer Camps, all our teachers get their criminal records checked, especially when working with under age students.

All our virtual classrooms are open only to the enrolled students and teachers for that specific course, and get locked once all participants are in the room.

All the didactic material and links to it that are used during our online classes are duly checked for suitability.

Trinity UK runs unannounced inspections during online classes to make sure all safety rules, netiquette and code of conduct are respected.

We have created a whole manual that our students and teachers receive before starting, you can download a copy here.

Trinity UK offers Online English Courses for all students and teachers’ needs. Our quality courses vary from Teacher Training Classes to courses specific for Young Learners and Adult Students as described below:

Check out our dedicated sections to find out more our Online English Classes and our promises by clicking on the images below.

Young Learners Online

Find out more about our online courses for Young Learners aged 11-17 and all available options.


adult students online

Find out more about our courses for Adult Students aged 18+ and all the available options.

teacher training online

Find out more about our Teacher Training Courses online.



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