Insurance Cover

It is a requirement of booking a course or programme with Trinity UK that students under 18 are covered by health insurance.

To make this very easy for our students, Trinity UK offers all students and accompanying group leaders travel and health insurance for all its schools in the UK and the USA.

The policy is paid for by Trinity UK and is included in the package price so you don’t have to worry about it.

We would invite you to check the summary document which explains the level of cover. It is the student’s responsibility to check that the cover is sufficient for their requirements.

The policy is live once a deposit for the package is received and includes cancellation cover. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information about cancellation charges.



There are further Frequently Asked Questions relating to UK insurance at

Is the cover sufficient for my needs?

The cover provided is comprehensive and full details can be seen in the documents available on this web page.

The contact details of can be found here if you need further information.

When does the cover start?

The cover begins when you have paid either your deposit or full payment.

What happens if I have to cancel before my trip?

If you have simply changed your mind, then it is highly unlikely your claim will be met. If, however, you have had an accident or become ill before the trip, but after you have booked and paid, then this could be a justifiable claim. Check the document which states what might constitute a legitimate claim.

Can I claim if my luggage is lost by the airline?

If the delay is for more than 12 hours, then there is provision in the policy for a claim to be made for the purchase of “essential clothing and toiletries” up to £100 (all receipts must be retained).  Remember to obtain a lost luggage report from the airline before you leave the airport.

However, you may find that the airline will offer you compensation for lost luggage. In this case, the policy offered by Trinity UK will not cover you as it is not allowed to make two claims for the same incident.

How do I claim?

If you have a claim to make you will need to complete a claim form which will be supplied on the website.  You will need to send the claim to the insurance company. Trinity UK can offer assistance in completing the form but cannot enter into any other representation on your behalf.

It must be understood that Trinity UK is not the insurance underwriter and is not responsible for the outcome of the claim.  It is essential that you read through the policy document before making a claim to establish that your claim meets the provision of cover.

Does having insurance through Trinity UK mean I won’t have to pay anything if I am ill or have to see a doctor?

Not necessarily. Depending on the cost, you may have to pay for the service from a doctor or the hospital or other costs in advance and claim this amount back from the insurance company later. This is all subject to a successful claim.

However, where costs are expected to be high, such as a hospital stay in the USA, it is advisable to contact the insurer directly as soon as possible. The insurer may, at that time, take responsibility for paying the costs.

What is a deductible (US English) or excess (UK English) charge?

It is the amount of money that the policy holder (you) will have to pay towards the costs of the claim. As an example, if the excess/deductible is £25, and the bill for a doctor’s appointment and prescription is £50, you will receive £25.

When does the cover end?

The insurance will cover you until midnight on the cover end date. Where departure begins on one date and ends on the following day, such as a long -haul flight, Trinity UK will cover the student until they land at their final destination.

Do I need the certificate of insurance? will only send out insurance documents if requested. Please contact Trinity UK and we will make sure that you get the certificates.



It is always the responsibility of students to satisfy themselves that the provision of insurance is adequate to meet their individual needs. This also applies to students who are supplied insurance whether paid or unpaid as a consequence of booking a course at Trinity UK.

Trinity UK shall not have any liability to students for any loss of possessions, injury, death, costs related to medical or dental treatment, or costs related to repatriation or for any other losses, damages (whether direct or indirect), compensation, costs or expenses unless negligence can be proved in a court of law in the jurisdiction of the Supplier School.

Neither shall Trinity UK have any liability to students for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any information or instructions supplied by you which is, or are incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate. Where Trinity UK incurs costs due to incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information, the student will be liable for these extra costs.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on Insurance.



Trinity UK’s current insurance provider is Guard.Me international insurance.

The Guard.Me “Multi-risk plus Cancellation” insurance will include medical cover for COVID-19 but will not include any travel cancellation costs for COVID-19, as it is no longer an unexpected event.

This means that costs incurred to extend accommodation due to isolating or quarantine will also not be covered by insurance and will be the responsibility of the student. COVID-19. Trinity UK strongly urges students to satisfy themselves that the insurance policies are adequate in the event of cancellations related to COVID-19.


Download Our Policies

EN – UK – Multirisk Policy Wording.pdf

EN – UK – Multirisk + Cancellation Policy Wording.pdf

IT – Europe – Italy – Multirisk Policy Wording.pdf

IT – Europe – Italy – Multirisk + Cancellation Policy Wording.pdf